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The Soundtrack of your life.

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Since 1894 when The Edison Company started experimenting the union of sight and sound, the world of motion pictures changed radically, bringing up emotions from the public and creating new memories like never before.

Even the first silent movies belong to a soundtrack that transports us just to the scene every time you hear it.

Pretty Woman wouldn’t be the same without Roy Orbison main theme, as well as Dirty Dancing wouldn’t be one of the old favourites after nearly 30 years and not as many people would remember that ‘nobody puts Baby in corner’ without Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ The Time of my life. And anybody that hears the Tubular Bells theme will make a run back home and look under the bed before going to sleep. Fact.

Music in movies acts like magic. The songs are specially designed to guide your mood along the film, telling you what to feel every instant. A director that doesn’t pay extra attention to his music surely will end up with a failure.

Quentin Tarantino understands what works best when matching music to his characters’ personalities. Everyone remembers when John Travolta and Uma Thurman take to the dance floor in Pulp Fiction. The director could have chosen something on trend by Snoop Dogg or Prince. Wonderfully, they dance to Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell, making the tune they are dancing to hip. Tarantino pulls off the trick with even greater aplomb in Inglourious Basterds, when the anachronistic use of David Bowie’s 80s hit Cat People perfectly signals the intent of a wartime heroine.

Symphony Orchestra in movies plays a prominent role, being, without a question, the most used musical element. Especially during the 90’s when themes like King Of Pride Rock, a musical composition by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King, made people of all ages cry when little Simba looses his dad.

For some people, the soundtrack of their favourite movies, it is, and it always will be, the soundtrack of their lives. And if you don’t agree, I invite you to play our video and guess which movie you can ‘hear’. Even if you can’t remember the title, I bet you that it will bring you back old memories.

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