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The Last Man

(written by Aren Haun and Greg Zinger. directed by Greg Zinger; 6 min)

Premiered at New York Independent Film Festival, 2004;

A satire on contemporary Hollywood action films, Brewster Mulligan is an everyman who loses everything and becomes a hero.

The Chair 

(written by Aren Haun and Greg Zinger. directed by Greg Zinger; 6 min)

Premiered at Cambridge Film Festival, 2007; and Raindance Film Festival, 2007; Distributed and screened at Pearl & Dean movie theatres in the UK;

A man makes his way home without getting up from his office chair. But what was

once his comfort has now become his burden. 

Peter Gets Dumped 

(written and directed by Greg Zinger; 10 min)

Premiered at Mexico International Film Festival, 2012

A satire on tasteless comedies and modern dating rituals. 

The Engagement

(written and directed by Greg Zinger; 20 min)

Completed January, 2014; Starring Christian McKay (Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles), Ben Peel (Steve McQueen's Hunger), and April Pearson (the British hit series Skins); produced by Corinne Weber (Alejando Gonzalez Iñarritu's Babel, Sam Mendes‘ Revolutionary Road) and Timothy Burrill (Roman Polanski's The Pianist, Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose).

Premiered at Oaxaca Film Festival, 2014

A romantic comedy about the difficulty of making marital commitment.

The Seasons

In pre-production

The Seasons is a comedy-drama that parallels romantic relationships with the seasons of the year. The film is comprised of four separate but related stories that reflect the comically complex nature of relationships between the sexes. Each story is set in a different era of the 20th century, but the action takes place in the same manor in the countryside.

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The Lift

In development