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Time for reunion. Pretty Woman is 25 years old this year and the cast celebrates the big day.

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PW Reunion

1990. Pretty Woman hits the theatres all over the world. Who would have thought that a movie about a hooker ‘saved’ off the streets by a businessman would have been so successful. Here it is celebrating a quarter of a century, still one of the favourite romantic comedies of all times. The secret? Perhaps the charm of crazy-rich Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), or the captivating personality of Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts).

NUP_167866_0521.jpgRoberts, along with others from the cast, including Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo, Laura San Giacomo and director Garry Marshall, sat down with Matt Lauer in Today to celebrate the romantic comedy’s 25th anniversary.

During a teaser broadcasted last week, we saw a Julia Roberts absolutely delighted when Lauer surprised her with a good-old Walkman.

“How did you even find one of these?” the actress asked the Today co-host after he presented her with the exact same one used during the famous bathtub scene in Pretty Woman. “I didn’t know they existed anymore!”

But an even bigger surprise when Roberts hit play and Prince’s hit “Kiss” came on.

juliaRoberts“That’s amazing,” she told Lauer before giving Richard Gere a listen to the song she belted out in the film.

“That is so funny. I can’t believe it – I’m going to play this for my kids.”

The entire interview will air in two parts, on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Today.

“It was wild,” Lauer told his Today co-hosts on Wednesday, March 18. “And we did the whole thing, just to keep in the mood of the movie, in a bathtub, with the bubbles. It was fantastic.”

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