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Some Time With… Nani Jimenez: “When you research for a specific role you put your heart into it. At the end of the day it is you who will be exposed.”

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Nani Jimenez is a well known Spanish actress from Valencia, best known for La Alqueria Blanca, The Boarding School, Hospital Central, A Reflection of You and 0:00. She has also done some work as a model and she also writes a blog about fashion. You can read her here

nani-jimenez4Q It has been a while since the series that made you popular came to an end. Do you miss playing your role in The Boarding School?

A I remember fondly my first acting roles, but I don’t miss it because I consider very important to evolve personally and professionally. I will always remember my role in La Alqueria Blanca, a local production from Valencia, my homeland. It was my first main role, and it was a lovely story that I will never forget.

Q What has it changed from those days?

A When it comes to prepare a new role, each experience you had gives you new challenges. I always try to keep the positive bits to face a new project.  Now I know what I want, and I know my priorities are my family, and to start a family of my own. When you have stability you can achieve whatever you want.

Q Your role as Zoraida in the popular Spanish series Isabel  is one of our favourites. How do you prepare yourself to play a historical role as passional as that one, where you became a convert muslim back in the medieval times?

A First of all you must do a thorough research through the history books. Also, we had some help at the set from an expert on islamic religion. Even then, we are still not sure what happened to Zoraida, if she really converted for love, or if it was a conspiracy against the muslim King of Granada. As an actress you end up following the script and your fellow actors to put some sense into it. I want to think that she really fell in love of Muley and they lived an incredible love story despite the difficulties of the time.

Q Lately you have been part of some short-films like A reflection of You and 0:00, both brilliant and with a very smart script. What differences do you find while acting for a short-film and a feature film? What is more enjoyable?

A I always say that as long as your crew believe on what they’re doing, the final product will be great whatever we are producing a short or a feature film. When you research for a specific role you put your heart into it. At the end of the day it is you who will be exposed, so you have to enjoy it.

Q What’s the role that has fulfilled you the most in your career as an actress?

A Again, that series from Valencia I was telling you about earlier. I met my partner on that production. But having said that, I find very difficult to choose. All experiences I’ve had have made me who I am right now. The bad experiences are the ones which make you stronger, so bring them on!

Q What about your new projects? Do you look into foreign productions?

A I just came back from Buenos Aires. I was filming One Hundred years of Forgiveness, by Daniel Calparsoro, a movie about the current crisis and the political corruption. Looks great and have a very good cast. And also I will soon be part of the spanish series Love is Forever, which has been broadcasted for a number of years now. About working abroad… I don’t really consider it. My live is here in Spain with my family.

Q You have in your hands the genie’s lamp of the film industry. Which role would you ask the genie to give you?

A Natalie Portman’s in Black Swan, Elena Anaya’s in A room in Rome, Clara Lago’s in Dark side, Julia Roberts’ in Pretty Woman or Erin Brockovich, or Carey Mulligan’s in Drive. These are some of my favourite movies and actresses. I would love to play any role that brings up some feelings and have a lovely storyline.

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