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“90 minute comedy that will be shot and edited in 72 hours”

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Do you think it is possible to make a whole  feature film in 72 hours? The incredulous or the amazed… please keep reading.

From Great Expectations Films we want to give all our support to this brave initiative. The 72 Project it is going to do it! They are going to film and edit an entire 90 minutes film in just 3 days. Obviously the called pre-production plan, in other words, the homework, it will be done beforehand, but no one with a minimum knowledge about film-making can say this is not a great challenge.

The movie will be called The Confusion of Tongues, and it will be based in Birmingham, UK. The production will start on Thursday 17th July at 9AM then finishing at 9AM on Sunday 20th. It will then be screened in the largest cinema screen in Birmingham, ‘The Giant Screen’ on the Sunday night.

In their own words, ”the process aims to inspire filmmakers, encourage collaboration and demystify the production process. Instead of working on a short film individually, in competition with other filmmakers, this project asks filmmakers to work together to create something that no person could achieve alone.”

Why are they doing this?

If you are interested about the reasons, the risks and the challenges of The 72 Project help with the funding here.

The best of luck from the Great Expectations Films team!



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