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April 12, 2015 0

Some time with… Julia Guillen Creagh: “The film industry is changing as it happens to our society.”

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The film industry as we know it is suffering internal changes. The way movies are produced nowadays is very different from the greatest classics we all know. Not only visually, but also internally. A single producer seems not to be enough anymore to make a film happen, therefore we see more and more co-productions between […]

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September 4, 2014 0

Some Time With… Susan Stanley: “The scenes in Hotel Amenities are passionate. I decided to have very limited contact with the other actor, so that when it came to the actual shooting we really were strangers. “

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Susan Stanley is an award-winning Irish actress from Dublin who recently played the lead role in Hotel Amenities for the Spanish Production Company Atraco Perfecto Productions. The short film was on the European festival circuit of which she won the Best Actress Award at the Malaga Film Festival 2013. Hotel Amenities has been preselected for […]

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